Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Hi, er, long time no see...

Hey everyone, sorry about this. I've not had the time or energy to devote to making anything of this domain.

You probably want to be over on www.fimfiction.net so I really do urge you all to just go there.

One day -- maybe soon -- there may be something here, so until then, I thank you for your patronage.


  1. Whoa, hi, it's good to know you're still around! :D

  2. Holy shit! No lewd comments! I must intervene...

  3. Hmm... I think looking forward to seeing what may show up here.

  4. I got here by accidently typing 'fimfiction.com' instead of typing 'fimfiction.net' Fucking hell

    1. Same! Actually got so frightened for a second too XD

    2. Same here, might check it on web archives

  5. I wonder if anything WILL show up here...

    Do a THING!!!
    THIS is the PLACE!!!

  7. pl3ase make something cool of this website!

  8. That picture scared the crap out of me, holy crap.

  9. please post something NEW.

  10. Its been over 2 years please come bqck to this website to make it something

  11. Probably left the fandom


  13. Lmao, ppl still coming here because of accidentally typing "fimfiction.com"? I thought so. One of the greatest mistakes on the planet

  14. GODDAMNIT, this is like the fifth time I typed fimfiction.com instead of fimfiction.net!

  15. Which one of yall tryna vore. Hmu on, https://canterlotavenue.com/Dream

  16. Well then. This is a thing...

    I'ma post the first story ever on this site.

    Once upon a time there was a pony named Twilight Sparkle. Twilight was a smart pony. Determined to do what's right, have fun with her friends, and learn the secrets of the universe. Everypony loved Twilight, as long as she remained sane there was nothing that could defeat her and her friends.

    But not all was well. There was one pony who watched Twilight from afar. One who coveted all that which Twilight had.

    This pony was Starlight Glimmer.

    Starlight was usually a nice pony, if a little quiet. No one bullied her, or stole from her, or called her mean names, or anything that was truly bad. However she was also ignored. No one truly cared about Starlight. And as Starlight watched Twilight she began to sing.

    "And here I see in front of me"
    "A filly who does not feel need"
    "Who others wait on hoof and knee"
    "And all her dreams spread out like weeds"

    "Oh who am I to envy her"
    "When I still have so much to learn"
    "But to see the friends she calls her own"
    "It makes me see how I'm alone"

    "If just one friend could comfort me"
    "Then finally I could beat my greed"
    "And I could live on happily"
    "With my very own friend indeed"

    As Starlight turned to leave she was stopped by a hoof on her back. When she turned she was quite surprised to see that the hoof belonged to Twilight herself. As Starlight gawked Twilight began to sing.

    "I couldn't help but hear you sing"
    "And couldn't stand by passively"
    "When friendship has such joy to bring"
    "To do so would be blasphemy"

    "It isn't selfish to want a friend"
    "On which you could forever depend"
    "A pony can't live on her own"
    "Where none will see just how she's grown"

    "So come along and learn with me"
    "How great true friends can really be"
    "And you will see the value"
    "Of a true true friend"

  17. As we head into the new year let us take the time to remember our friends who have left the fandom and all of the fun times we've had on both sites.
    Over the years this site has become an important part of brony culture, once a accident now a fond memory.

  18. heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy