Sunday, 4 May 2014

You know, I really should do more with this site

Yeah, I know, I'm a lazy bastard.

You know what? Send me stories you'd like me to post - finished would be best so we can all enjoy them and not be kept waiting. Even if they're linked on the other (hiss hiss boo) (only kidding love ya knighty) fimfiction site.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Writing Fiction, Lesson 1

This blog post is adapted from the first in a series I wrote on Putting it here not only widens the audience, but gives me a chance to edit and collect them. Without further ado, let's get going!

This episode handled the subject in a different manner than what I expected, but I think it did it justice.

For spoilers, click through!

Episode Crystal Ball: Flight to the Finish

Scootaloo vector from

There have been precious few shows - childrens' shows or otherwise - that dare to challenge those precious, pre-conceived notions that many of us hold dear.

My Little Pony may just become one of them.

Season's Greetings

Hello once again to all my wonderful readers.

You know, I've had this blog for a while (since before was around, actually - this was the original URL for it before Knighty decided on the .net suffix) and I haven't really used it.

Well, I've decided to change that, so I'll be posting some stuff here which any and all budding writers and readers may found useful and interesting. Stay tuned!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Story: Ambassador's Son


Author: Midnight Shadow
Status: Complete
Description: A noble earth-pony family, fallen somewhat on hard times, is killed in a mining accident. They leave behind a single male heir, who is in sore need of a guardian, and of protection. Celestia takes the young pony under her wing and delivers him not to ponies - not earth, unicorn or pegasus - but to a dragon, an ambassador, an old friend of hers.

Playing a game which may just be deadly to the uninformed, the dragon decides that the one path open to him to ensure the safety of his charge and to carry out his sworn duty, is to adopt.
GDOCS Master: The Ambassador's Son - Book 1

Additional Tags: dragons, betrayal, family, love, acceptance

More Pony Audiobooks

Just in case you wanted more pony audiobooks, here's a link to the pony audiobook playlist on my youtube channel. Enjoy!

Story: Playing House

[Shipping] [Comedy]

Author: Midnight Shadow
Description: Because it's been asked for, as a special treat, here is an unreleased story I've been working on. You may like it. It's an Apple-Dash fic like no other. In it, Dash and AJ go on a train ride to Appleloosa, and get slightly waylaid on the way back. One trip to Neighvada later, and shenanigans breaks loose. 

Playing House

Additional Tags: What goes on in Neighvada...

In case you don't feel like reading...

Here's a story in two parts, an audio book. You might recognize the author. It should be rated Mature due to a few scenes (primarily the first in the first part), but is relatively suitable for Teen and up.

Feel free to link to other ebooks in comments, I'll probably feature them.

Ooh, I sound like a proper blogpony and everything!

Whilst is down, some light reading

Hello everypony, so is down - do not despair, for we have some old favourites you may like in the meanwhile.
So don't panic!

  • Somewhere Only We Know
    • I'll forego the usual blurb, this is a story that can be enjoyed by anypony - but it is almost guaranteed to cause something to be found in your eye which may need to be surreptitiously wiped away.
  • The White Box
    • This is a moving, strange story - younger kids may need to skip this one as it can get rather confusing and is, again, a wee bit of a tear-jerker. It's also powerful and ethereal.
  • Shaman
    • This one is an oldie but goodie, and will be getting it's own post. This tells the mysterious backstory of everypony's favourite zebra, Zecora. It's one of the few fics on EqD which quite possibly fully deserves it's 6-star rating. Read it now.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Story: Romance Reports

[Shipping] [Cloppy]
Rating: Mature (16+)

Author: Sleepless Brony
Description: Twilight Sparkle has a crush on Luna, but the Princess insists that Twilight learn some things about love and romance before they can make a date.
Romance Reports

Additional Tags: Tasteful Shipping
Note: Click for picture source.

Stories and Ratings

I just want to say a quick word about stories and ratings.

On this blog, my personal blog, I feel able to post stuff I like. This will range in age-appropriateness from Everyone, to Teen, to Mature and to NC-17.

Don't be a dick, think before you click.

  • Everyone is for episode-level fics - anyone can read them.
  • Teen requires a bit of maturity, think for ages 12-15.
  • Mature is for 16+ - things like sex and other adult themes will be discussed, but it will be somewhat restrained. Grimdark as well as sexual themes would go here, along with other ideologically sensitive themes.
  • NC-17 is for straight up clop, and I won't be posting much of that, if anything. It is so rarely worth reading except for one thing, and there's plenty of other places to find that.
So, feel free to discuss.
Note: Click picture for source.