Thursday, 19 April 2012

Story: Ambassador's Son


Author: Midnight Shadow
Status: Complete
Description: A noble earth-pony family, fallen somewhat on hard times, is killed in a mining accident. They leave behind a single male heir, who is in sore need of a guardian, and of protection. Celestia takes the young pony under her wing and delivers him not to ponies - not earth, unicorn or pegasus - but to a dragon, an ambassador, an old friend of hers.

Playing a game which may just be deadly to the uninformed, the dragon decides that the one path open to him to ensure the safety of his charge and to carry out his sworn duty, is to adopt.
GDOCS Master: The Ambassador's Son - Book 1

Additional Tags: dragons, betrayal, family, love, acceptance

Whilst is down, I thought I'd plump this down here. That there above is the gdocs link to a master document of all parts for book 1. Enjoy!


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  3. Project x from barony J comment at will or post it on fimfiction p.s can't spell at all p.s.s have no idea way I'm donigs this

    Princess Tiwilight Sparkle has been intursted with the equestrian colony of Ekka(witch has been trying to win it's freedom ever sences it was concorded by equestria over a thousand year ago)

    Twilight was sitting in her private room abort the E.A.S Day Star on her way to the far away equestrian colony of Ekka, the same coloney her former mentor had given her to govern. She was still depressed that her friends couldn't go, but Celestia had said she would have to control Ekka on her own. "Princess Sparkle" said one of the ship's soldiers in a rather nerves tone that reminded her of her fiend fluttershy. "Commander Blazer ordered my to inform you that we are about to land, and that he would like if you would like to stay close guards once we exit the ship" Twililight was to deep in thought to properly answer so she just nodded her head. "I wonder way Commander Blazer is so worried about security?" Twilight said aloud ignoring the fact that there was nopony ealse around.

    The street infront of the Ekkain capital building was packed with ponies but one stallion seemed to stand out in the crowd. He was dark red with a blue mane and tail both cut sort, his cutie mark was a white and blue fireball. His eyes were an orange red that perfectly matched the color of burning fire. He was also wearing a tan leather jacket and two large salddel bags. His head slowly shaking from side to side and he seemed to be repeating the word "boom" softly to himself. He was walking toured the building tall wire fience that surrounded the massive air field behind the building. Normally there would be soldiers patrolling the perimeter but today every pony was standing at the far end of the air field away from the massive fleet of air ships. This made it all the more easyer for the stallion to climb though a pony sized hole in the fience and sneek (or correctly casually walk) over to the massive air ships. Once there he began to place a small packages on one of each of the ships engines. Once he was done he casually walk back over to the fience out the hole and went on his mary way.

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