Friday, 23 March 2012

Welcome to

So, I've owned this URL for a while. Knighty's not really using it - that's fine. I <3 Knighty though, so you probably meant to go to if you travelled here by mistake.

What will you see here?

Well, I'll be uploading fanfics that I like. And not ones I don't. Welcome to my arbitrary tastes.

Want to know more? There's not much, but hey, after the break!

  • I'm not doing this to be internet famous
  • I'm doing it because whilst I love and adore, I can't bear to own something and not use it
  • So I'm using it at this.
I don't mean to compete, it's a poor substitute if I did, but maybe I'll make this not suck.

So, if you don't like it, go to Otherwise


  1. Replies
    1. Im a brony and wanted to warn u guys about this

  2. That explains why I've been getting directed to GoDaddy all day!

    1. eeeyup.

      I bought this domain last year, April, intending to use it. Knighty eventually came up with and was too impatient to take mine, so it's been set to redirect since then.

    2. Hey I'm having trouble using this on mobile. I trying to search a story but I can't. I also can't access a individual genre . Can you make it to work perfectly on mobile please?

  3. I <3 Knighty too, and FIMFiction (both) I wonder if there will ever be an

  4. I will follow anything that has a British accent. No exceptions.